Day 1: Choosing Produce | Integrative Wellness Group

Welcome to Day 1!

Get started by watching the video above to learn more about choosing the best, high-quality produce to transform your health. You may be confused by labels like “local” and “organic”, or maybe you’ve been religiously sticking to the Clean 15 and Dirty 30 motto.

We’re here to clear up the confusion for you.


Read Dr. Nicole’s top 3 Tips for produce below!

Rule #1

Don’t fall for the clean 15. You may have heard that foods with a peel will not contain pesticides, however, toxins from non-organic soil will still contaminate these foods. This soil also contains a lower vitamin and mineral content. Choosing all of your fruits and vegetables organic will help you eliminate your toxin exposure and be sure you’re getting the most nutrient bang for your buck.

Rule #2

Don’t be fooled by “local” produce. Many locally grown foods still use GMOs, pesticides, and toxins in their products. Just because it’s local doesn’t mean it’s also organic. Ideally, you’ll look for produce that is local AND organic. If you can’t find both, stick with organic.

Rule #3

Use the produce barcode to identify if it is organic, conventionally grown, or genetically modified. The number on the barcode ranges from 4-5 digits. If the code begins with a “9”, this always indicates organic produce. If it begins with another number like a 3, 4, or 8, you’ll know that this product has been grown with pesticides and also likely with GMO seeds.

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