Day 3: Choosing Safe Personal Products | Integrative Wellness Group

Welcome to Day 3!

When embarking on a health journey, we often focus on changing our diet, eliminating toxins, and maybe even adding in some exercise. One thing we notice that gets left in the dust is swapping out conventional personal products for safer, low-chemical alternatives. Need help choosing the best ones? Watch the video and check out the guide below!

Product #1

Swap out your anti-perspirant and deodorant. If your product stops you from sweating, toxins can build up in the underarm tissue which can be especially dangerous for women. These products also frequently contain aluminum, a heavy metal that can build up in the tissue as well. Choose an aluminum-free version. Some of our favorite brands include Milk + Honey, Schmidt’s, and Native Deodorant.

Product #2

Change your toothpaste. Avoid products that contain SLS, fluoride, and triclosan. Choose a toothpaste that uses natural essential oils, clays, and charcoal. Some of the top brands we recommend are Auromere, Himalaya, and Redmond Clay. These can be found at Whole Foods and other natural food stores.

Product #3

Sunscreens, Lotions, Makeups, and other topical products. These products are often used multiple times per day all over the body. The skin as our largest organ absorbs anything we put on top. Read the labels on your products and choose products that do not contain parabens, pthalates, perfume, formaldehyde, and others. Download the Healthy Living app by the Environmental Working Group and punch in your products to see how they rank.

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