Slow Business Success- A Case Study

Slow Business Success for a 35 Year Old Woman, an Energy Case Study

Conditions: Struggling to keep monthly income at sustainable levels

Symptoms: Difficulty focusing on tasks; constant worry about money, overwhelming stress and anxiety

Findings: There was considerable energy distortion in her root and second chakras. The root chakra is very involved with feeling grounded, and the ability to take purposeful action. It is also associated with “tribal” /cultural beliefs – about relationships, money, safety, health, etc. The second chakra helps us engage fully in relationships, helps us feel our own emotions on a deeper level, and engages our creativity and sexual energy. It can help us feel the fullness and richness of life.

Treatment: Energetically restructure her root and second chakras. This had the effect of releasing many fears and helping her feel more emotional and mental clarity, feeling excited about working on business related tasks.

Conclusion: The business is starting to prosper; she had an incredibly successful – and full – 2 day workshop several weeks afterwards. “When I went to bed last night the energy in my 2nd chakra was hot and moving and very palpable… felt like an “unfreezing”… like you said. A little uncomfortable, but very welcome. I love our work. You are a gift!”


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