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Say hello to the new me.

IWG helped me uncover and discover the root cause(s), they provided the therapies, the consulting, coaching, the inspiration and the supplement recommendations. As well as an amazingly inspiring atmosphere to begin healing.

I truly love those people and I am so grateful to them. For me they have been a God sent professional team as well as a family of people whom I have had the privilege to get to know personally and to share part of my life journey with.

25 pounds of body fat and inflammation gone. Now running 8 minute miles. I have greatly increased overall body strength, flexibility, balance and centeredness.

A complete shift in my thinking and approach to living well has taken place. A new dedication to discipline and routine has been established.

This is my life now and will be a foundation for stability and endurance for every pursuit and call I may follow.

To be well physically, mentally and emotionally is no small part of our total well being in life.

Yes it was incredibly challenging. But I am so glad my future doesn’t hold dependency on medications and lifelong symptom management. To be fully informed is to be fully armed and equipped.

This is my story anyway. I hope this somehow inspires you to dig deep and make change in your life. You’re worth it and you can do it. Don’t wait – start today!