Dr. Nick Carruthers

For as long as Dr. Nick can remember, he has grown up with a mindset similar to that of an inventor combined with a focus on human performance. His past experiences of family illness and personal trauma lead him to understand that the human body is vastly complex and that it doesn’t fully heal by taking just a pill. Hitting plateaus in his own healing journey as well as with patients he now evaluates the body through a functional and Integrative approach. His expertise and passion is in brain health, emotional well-being, and functional neurology. Dr. Nick’s clinical approach has evolved around one underlying principle, “the quality of our communication determines the quality of our life.”  Understanding this principle allows him to look deeper and ask better quality questions to find the true root causes of a person’s illness, lack of health, and decreased performance. Every part of the body influences and interacts with each other. The body’s mental, emotional, physical, biochemical, and energetic systems all communicate and affect each other. A problem in one system can directly or indirectly cause stress and symptoms within another. Literally, everything affects everything and therefore to fully heal the body, all aspects need to be evaluated together and not independently. When symptoms, pain, and a diagnosis is made, there is a loss of communication between the brain and at least one of the systems of the body.  

What drives Dr. Nick daily is to help people find the true cause of why they aren’t feeling or functioning well and most importantly how the body can heal and increase performance. Understanding that there is a cause for every effect means there is an answer to your array of effects and symptoms.  Most importantly, there is a solution to your cause which will allow you to heal and have the knowledge to prevent it from arising in the future. Dr. Nick believes that no matter what your health challenges are, you have the power to be the key player in your health destiny, and by doing so, you’ll evolve your life and those around you.


  • Full Body Chiropractic (spine and extremities)
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Autonomic Response Testing and Applied Kinesiology
  • Integrative Emotional Release
  • Energy work and how different energetic systems affect the body
  • qEEG or Quantitative Electroencephalography to detect the brain’s electrical patterns known as brainwaves

Training & Credentials

  • Doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West, Cum Laude
  • Bachelor’s degree from Wartburg University in Fitness Management
  • Active Member of the Klinghardt Academy
    • Klinghardt Academy Certified
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 1
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 2
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 3
    • ART Protocols & Solutions
    • Applied Psycho Neurobiology
    • Klinghardt Lyme Solutions

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