Dr. Nick Carruthers

Dr. Nick grew up in a household of athletes, and needless to say they were just a little competitive…about everything. His competitive nature carried over allowing him to be tapped into his body and its performance. His fascination with the body also created curiosity on how hard he could push it which allowed him to excel in various sports including baseball, track, and football. Dr. Nick went to college to play football and in his sophomore year he received his 6th concussion and finally threw in the towel (a little overdue, huh?). He then decided to push his body in a different way, and started competing in triathlons. Long story short, he competed for 9 years as a triathlete with most of them at the 70.3 or Half Ironman distance. The last triathlon he competed in was Ironman Canada. Six months prior to the Ironman, he tore almost all the ligaments in his right shoulder. He couldn’t swim, bike, or run due to the intense pain but because of his competitive nature he said, “Let’s see what this body is made of!” At the time of the race it was his longest swim, longest bike, and longest run he had done!

After accomplishing that, he decided he was good on triathlons (like forever) and decided to open up Integrative Wellness Group with Dr. Nicole after graduating with his Doctorate. He became tapped into the power of the mind and how mindset dictates so much of your life. He had to work intensely on his mindset and removing limiting beliefs in order to grow as a Doctor and Entrepreneur to help more people. Dr. Nick’s perception began to change which allowed him to see that many of his chiropractic patients didn’t just have pain but they also had interference from their mindset, traumas, infections, autoimmune conditions, etc. He is passionate about evolving so he continued to expand his knowledge base and learned advanced techniques to continue to help his clients with an integrative approach. He expanded his skill set and service base to a type of muscle testing/kinesiology called Autonomic Response Testing. The technique was created by Dr. Klinghardt, and is used to diagnose the location and stressors on the body (heavy metals, parasites, viruses, and other infections). Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick work together to vastly improve her functional medicine clients success rates.

Dr. Nick’s current speciality is Integrative Emotional Release Technique. Many people hit “glass ceilings” due to sabotaging behaviors that stem from past traumas or underlying negative emotions/self talk. To allow people to move past these hurdles, he created Integrative Emotional Release to thoroughly and PERMANENTLY release emotions from the subconscious.

IWG is in the business of evolving healthcare by integrating all things necessary to be well. It is his passion to help you use your body, mind, and spirit optimally.


  • Chiropractic
  • Athletic Performance Coach
  • Autonomic Response Testing
  • Integrative Emotional Release
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Viaderm

Training & Credentials

  • Doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West, Cum Laude
  • Bachelor’s degree from Wartburg University in Fitness Management
  • Active Member of the Klinghardt Academy