Dr. Nick Carruthers

Dr. Nick grew up in a household of athletes, and needless to say they were just a little competitive…about everything. His competitive nature carried over allowing him to be tapped into his body and its performance. His fascination with the body also created curiosity on how hard he could push it which allowed him to excel in various sports including baseball, track, and football. Dr. Nick went to college to continue learning about the power of the body.  He studied biology, kinesiology, fitness, and played football.  During his sophomore year he received his 6th concussion and finally threw in the towel (a little overdue, huh?). He then decided to push his body and mind in a different way, and started competing in triathlons. Long story short, he competed for 9 years as a triathlete with most races at the 70.3/Half Ironman distance. The last triathlon he competed in was Ironman Canada. Six months prior to the Ironman, he tore almost all the ligaments in his right shoulder. He couldn’t swim, bike, or run due to the intense pain but because of his competitive nature he said, “Let’s see what this body is made of!” At the time of the race it was his longest swim (2.4 miles), longest bike (113 miles), and longest run (full marathon) he had ever done!

Dr. Nick really learned a lot about the power of the mind during the Ironman and has been obsessed with learning how to use the mind more intelligently every day thereafter.  Because of Dr. Nick’s history of concussions he also became obsessed with how the brain works and how to heal the brain naturally.  It is easy to say that he is dedicated to helping himself as well as others heal and continually optimize the health and efficiency of the human brain and mind.  Dr. Nick abides by and teaches that it is the quality of the questions that we continually ask ourselves that determines the quality of our life.  This underlying principle causes him to evaluate his patients on many different systems.  Neurological, energetic, mental, musculoskeletal are his specialities while other departments of Integrative Wellness Group specialize in the other aspects that attribute to the health of the human body and mind.  He understands that every system of the body and mind is integrated and not a separate entity.  Therefore to fully heal and maximize the potential of the body all systems need to be evaluated to see which areas are causing the most distress on the body and mind.  It is from this knowledge that he is able to vastly serve his patients.

IWG is in the business of evolving healthcare by integrating all things necessary to be well. It is his passion to help you use your body, mind, and spirit optimally.


  • Full Body Chiropractic (spine and extremities)
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Autonomic Response Testing and Applied Kinesiology
  • Integrative Emotional Release
  • Energy work and how different energetic systems affect the body
  • qEEG or Quantitative Electroencephalography to detect the brain’s electrical patterns known as brainwaves

Training & Credentials

  • Doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West, Cum Laude
  • Bachelor’s degree from Wartburg University in Fitness Management
  • Active Member of the Klinghardt Academy
    • Klinghardt Academy Certified
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 1
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 2
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 3
    • ART Protocols & Solutions
    • Applied Psycho Neurobiology
    • Klinghardt Lyme Solutions

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