Dr. Nick Carruthers of Integrative Wellness Group

Dr. Nick Carruthers

Dr. Nick is a leading expert in human behavior and human health after 10 years of evolving his approach to understand that the mind, body, and brain are one cohesive system that are continually impacting each other.

Dr. Nick is the proud owner of Integrative Wellness Group, a facility on the cutting edge of integrative medicine. He is also the owner and founder of the Integrative Response Testing, an advanced technique that allows you to personalize recommendations based on the DNA and autonomic nervous system of the patient. Dr. Nick teaches this technique within the Institute for Integrative Wellness which is a platform evolving how healthcare is being done, starting with the physician. When he is not in the office or teaching at the institute, you can find him producing one of a kind content on Integrative Wellness Radio Podcast and Integrative Wellness TV.

Dr. Nick is an Iowa boy with an obsession with how the human body works. He pushed the boundaries of his body as a triathlete and the completion of an Ironman. He is proud to have created a wellness center that is on the cutting edge of healthcare that transforms the lives of thousands and paving the way for a new and improved version of medicine.

As an integrative physician specializing in human behavior, emotional health, and functional neurology [the brain, body, and mind connection], he helps people uncover the root cause of their symptoms and find solutions that allow them to get well and STAY well.

One of the things he is often asked is “How did you get into this?”
For as long as he can remember, he has been voraciously curious about human potential and the human mind. He wanted to know, what exactly is it that makes people sad, angry, ashamed, or anxious? Why do some people struggle with their health and while others find a way to thrive, often despite having similar genetics, family history, or other challenging circumstances?

Dr. Nick gave up the conventional way of thinking and started his own quest to understand how the mind affected the body and vice versa. This has led him to mentors like Dr. Demartini and Dr. Klinghardt. He has learned over 35 techniques from muscle testing, to NLP, emotional work, energy work, quantum medicine, family constellation therapy, autonomic testing, chakra work, and more. He has collaborated his knowledge and created a way to customize the approach person to person. Dr. Nick believes “the quality of our communication determines the quality of our life.”

Fundamentally, he believes that no matter what your health challenges are, there is always a root to your cause and a solution to that cause. With that, you have the power to be the key player in your health destiny, by doing so, you’ll change your life.


  • Full Body Chiropractic (spine and extremities)
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Autonomic Response Testing and Applied Kinesiology
  • Integrative Emotional Release
  • Energy work and how different energetic systems affect the body
  • qEEG or Quantitative Electroencephalography to detect the brain’s electrical patterns known as brainwaves

Training & Credentials

  • Doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West, Cum Laude
  • Bachelor’s degree from Wartburg University in Fitness Management
  • Active Member of the Klinghardt Academy
    • Klinghardt Academy Certified
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 1
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 2
    • Autonomic Response Technique Level 3
    • ART Protocols & Solutions
    • Applied Psycho Neurobiology
    • Klinghardt Lyme Solutions

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