Melissa Czorniewy, R.N.

Melissa is a Registered Nurse at Integrative Wellness Group. She is a Functional Medicine Assistant to Dr. Nicole Rivera and performs Practitioner Assistant duties, including Bioresonance Scanning, Bioscan SRT, Sound Wave, Bio-Identical Remedies, outline and diet plans.

Melissa has been working with wellness as long as she can remember. She was a competitive gymnast and basketball player growing up, where she had to enlist the help of Physicians, Nutritionists and Physical Therapists to maintain her physical health. While playing basketball at the University of Delaware, Melissa suffered a career ending back injury. In her senior year, she found yoga, which would become a catalyst in her recovery and holistic approach to healing. Melissa realized that instead of treating an injury or illness when it happens, she could focus on empowering herself and her community with prevention. She went on to get certified in Health Education where she would teach preschoolers and parents how stay well and prepare food to help connect to their innate ability to heal themselves. After working with physical activity and nutrition, Melissa realized that her plate was still unbalanced and needed to be filled with more ingredients. She decided to start a career in nursing where she could gather up more aspects of healing. While working in the hospital as a Registered Nurse, she soon realized that the cause of chronic disease wasn’t only related to diet, but rooted in a need for  emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. At that time when Melissa’s own chronic health issues began to surface, she was led back to the practice that saved her once before, yoga. While receiving her RYT-200h yoga certification in Baja, Mexico she had a vision of a healing space, near the water, serving a holistic approach to healing. When she returned from Mexico she became part of the first cohort of Hackensack Meridian’s Integrative Healing Arts Academy.  She realized that she must continue her own healing journey and use what she learned to help others at the place she envisioned in her travels. Melissa became a patient of Dr. Nicole Rivera and soon after was offered a position as a Practitioner Assistant and would begin pursuing her degree in Functional Medicine.

My service to others is the valuable experience of treating chronic illness in the hospital setting and having competency and compassion for treating clients. I have uniquely studied western and eastern techniques of healing and bring an open mindful approach to holding space for healing.

Training & Credentials

-Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management , Health and Exercise Sciences

-Bachelor of Science in Nursing

-Health Education Certification

-200 hour  Registered Yoga Teacher

-CPR + AED certified