Work with us from home: Providing concierge telehealth around the world

Virtual Consultations

We connect with patients around the world in the comfort of their own home using video calls.  

DNA Based Testing

By simply sending us a hair sample we have specialized technology that allows us to analyze your DNA to reveal pathology, infections, and other stressors.  We do not guess, we test.  Our specialized testing allows a personalized approach to medicine. 

Accessible Lab Testing

We work with lab companies such as Quest and Labcorp which allow patients to complete blood work in their local area. We also offer dried blood spot testing through Vibrant America which can be done in comfort of your home.  We also work with your local imaging center for ultrasounds, CT scans, thermography, and more. 

Immersion Programs

We pride ourselves on our integrative approach to healing.  We offer more than 40 healing modalities under one roof.   We have patients come from all over the world to immerse themselves in our one of a kind approach for 1-3 weeks. 

Medical Equipment Rentals for Home Use

For patients that do not intend to come for an immersion week, we offer at home medical equipment rentals [under our guidance] that allow people to heal in their home.  This is complimented by our guidance on diet, supplementation, detox, and lifestyle. 


Human Behavior Work

After 10 years in practice, our doctors could not ignore the role of human behavior, thoughts, beliefs, resentments, and emotional triggers in human health.  Dr. Nick is a human behavior expert helping people to determine their highest values and life a life that fulfills those values.