Thermography: A Game-Changer For Integrative Medicine


We are so excited to offer thermography at Integrative Wellness Group. It is just another added benefit in the diagnostic process that gives you a comprehensive approach to figure out what is going on in your body.

Thermography has a few different approaches. There is a focus on women’s health, which focuses primarily on the breast area. There is also full-body thermography, which gives us a better idea of the stress that is going on in the entire body.

Since IWG is an integrative practice, we are taking more of the full-body approach with thermography.

Our thermography unit is not just a snapshot, it hits over 100 different touchpoints on the body to gain a full picture.

To find the connection we are looking at everything from your lymphatic system, your organ systems, your sinuses, dental issues, breast health as well as your cardiovascular system.

In conjunction with our other testing at IWG, thermography gives us the insight to put the pieces together to help give you the full picture of what’s happening in your body.

Very often when you receive test results you feel lost. You have no idea what to do with the information. That is why we give you a roadmap to get you on a path to success in feeling your best

With thermography at IWG, we have the ability to test further and what could be connected to the areas of stress or inflammation in the body. We have the ability to dig into better answers, and also provide better quality solutions in order to resolve what is going on in your body.


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  • Full Body Thermography Screening Including Over 100 TouchPoints.
  • A Full Report Including Practitioner Recommendations
  • Follow- Up Phone Call With Your Practitioner

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